Mean Well DR-UPS40 24VDC Uninterruptable Power Supply

$105.40 ex GST

MEAN WELL’s DR-UPS40 provides an effective DC Uninterruptable Power Supply system at an affordable price.


The MEAN WELL DR-UPS40 battery management module is  a useful and reliable UPS.

When used in conjunction with a 24V power supply (max 40A) and a battery. The combined system works together to create a DC Uninterruptable Power Supply.
The DR-UPS40 is a nominal 24VDC system with a 2A charging capacity. It is designed to be used with lead acid batteries between 4 to 12AH.
To create a DC uninterruptable power supply, you need a MEAN WELL 24VDC power supply capable of producing enough current to supply your load and to charge the battery.
Note: The power supply must be adjusted to 27.6V output in order to properly charge a 24V battery.

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