QolorFLEX®2×2.5A Multiverse® Dimmer


The QolorFLEX® 2×2.5A Multiverse® Dimmer is a constant voltage, two-output dimmer that can be controlled wirelessly using City Theatrical’s Multiverse wireless DMX* or SHoW DMX Neo wireless DMX/RDM technology. It can also be used with wired DMX as a PWM Dimmer.

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QolorFLEX® 2×2.5A Multiverse® Dimmer

QolorFLEX® 2×2.5A Multiverse® Dimmers are small, constant voltage, two-output dimmer designed to be mounted in small spaces such as props, costumes, wands, and candles. They can be controlled wirelessly using City Theatrical’s Multiverse or SHoW DMX Neo wireless DMX/RDM technology, or with wired DMX.

Similar to City Theatrical’s QolorFLEX 5×2.5A Multiverse Dimmers, these dimmers provide 20-bit PWM resolution and 8-bit or 16-bit control for extremely smooth dimming at the low end of the dimming curve. Configuration is performed using RDM, such as with a City Theatrical DMXcat®, or with City Theatrical’s USB Configuration program for PC/MAC (available on the City Theatrical website).

A plastic case is included with the QolorFLEX 2×2.5A Multiverse Dimmer to allow easy mounting to scenery while enabling removal of the dimmer from the case for wiring and configuration.

The dimmer is designed and built in the USA by City Theatrical.

For full specifications check out the City Theatrical product page here



Product NameQolorFLEX® 2×2.5A
2.4GHz Multiverse® Dimmer
Part Number5916
Cut Sheet5916 Cut Sheet
Physical Specifications:
Length (with plastic case)10.8 cm (4.25 in)
Width (with plastic case)2.5 cm (1.0 in)
Height (with plastic case)1.6 cm (0.63 in)
Size of Bare Circuit Board81mm (3.2”) x 19mm (0.74”) x 10mm (0.38”) H
Weight0.02 kg (0.05 lbs.)
Operating Temperature0ºC to 40ºC
ConstructionNEMA 4 IP20 ABS Plastic
ConnectorsLow profile latch connectors
MountingScrew holes in tabs on ends of plastic case
Dimming Information:
Voltage Range5 – 30 VDC
PWM Frequencies (Hz)60, 1.2K, 2.4K, 5K, 12K, 24K, 50K
Power4A/channel maximum; 5A total
Control Resolution8-bit; 16-bit
PWM Resolution20-bit
Radio Information:
Broadcast PowerAntenna dependent; 100mW EIRP
Broadcast ModesAdaptive, Full, Low, Mid, High, Max
Ethernet ProtocolsN/A
SHoW IDsMultiverse: 147; Neo: 70
RF Sensitivity-95dBm
AntennaInternal, plus connector for external antenna
RDM Features RDM Proxy, RDM Responder
Product Information:
FirmwareUser updatable via USB
ConfigurationRDM only
Use EnvironmentIndoor
WarrantyOne year
Manufacturing OriginUSA
ComplianceCE, RoHS, FCC, AU, Japan, ICRoHS, FCC, IC


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Additional information

Weight.02 kg
Dimensions10.8 × 2.5 × 1.6 mm


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