• Tools

    Tools (3)

    Tools for testing and repair works
  • Power Supplies

    Power Supplies (28)

    POWER SUPPLIES Check out our range of Mean Well power supplies and drivers for LED arrays and LED Strip. We have both 12V and 24V options available for either indoor and outdoor use. These power supplies have been tried and proven to work in the harsh environments that our projects often end up. We highly recommend these for use with…
  • Neon Flex

    Neon Flex (2)

    NEON FLEX optoLED Neon Flex from OPTO Projects is a flexible linear LED light strip. If you're looking for high quality customisable neon flex then look no further.  The optoLED range comes in both 12v and 24v with a variety of colours and bend directions. All Neon Flex is made to order so we can provide custom lengths and over-moulded…
  • LED Strip

    LED Strip (16)

    LED STRIP High quality LED strip range from OPTO Projects. If you're looking for high output LED strip lighting then look no further.  The optoLED range comes in both 12v and 24v with a variety of colours & IP ratings. Whether you are after RGBW, addressable pixel tape or backstage blue and white strip we have you covered! As with…
  • LED Fixtures

    LED Fixtures (1)

    LED FIXTURES Check out our range of OPTO Projects and other leading manufacturer designed LED lighting fixtures. From our Pixel Strobes to our Real Flicken Candle check out our range today! Can't find what you're looking for? Why don't you contact us today and our product development team can design and manufacture it for you.
  • Extrusion

    Extrusion (3)

    Aluminium extruded profile for LED and Neon Flex products
  • Controllers

    Controllers (10)

    CONTROLLERS High quality DMX dimmers and other controllers from OPTO Projects. Whether you need 16bit PWM dimming or custom pixel control we have you covered. Our DMX drivers are designed to work with all entertainment mediums to give you flicker free smooth dimming with frequency adjustment for film and TV. Our range also includes our custom DMX controller! We can…
  • Connectors

    Connectors (1)

    Large range of connectors available for both power and data requirements