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Event Lighting: Tips to Make Your Occasion Shine

The events industry is booming right now.

Indeed, events in the business world alone draw around 1.5 billion attendees every year.

Throw in those from every other industry and it’s clear that huge numbers of events, of all shapes, sizes, and varieties, are taking place all the time.

Are you looking to hold one of your own? Well, the event lighting will be key to its success.

Lighting helps set the mood, highlight important features, direct foot traffic, and has a host of other important functions.

Go to any premium event and the lighting will be on point. It’s up to you to do the same for yours! Do it right, and you’ll be on your way to an unforgettable affair.

Wondering how to do it?

Keep reading to learn 8 essential lighting tips for your next event.

1. Get the Facts

Successful lighting is dependent on a solid understanding of the event itself.

You wouldn’t go to a fancy dress party without checking the theme first!

The same goes for your event’s lighting. Understanding exactly what you’re lighting is like finding the perfect outfit for a party.

How to light the occasion depends entirely on a plethora of factors. You should consider the location, the function itself (aka what sort of event is it? Corporate? Theatre production? A wedding party? Baby shower? Kids’ party? Etcetera), the number of attendants, and so on.

With the details decided, you have a better chance of creating a quality lighting experience.

2. Plan In Advance

Prior preparation prevents poor performance.

This rule for life most definitely applies when lighting an event!

Failure to plan is a recipe for disaster. You can’t just throw lights, colors, and effects around and expect a positive outcome. Instead, you need to apply due forethought to the occasion.

Planning the lighting is like an architect drawing up their blueprints. The vital step sets the groundwork for what’s to come. It’ll highlight potential challenges to overcome and guide the process to come.

The result is a more efficient process and cohesive, quality outcome.

Keep in mind the facts you’ve just gathered and set about planning how you’ll light it.

3. Focus on Key Locations

Here’s a quick point that leads from the last:

Every event has focal points of interest.

Be it the buffet table, the floral arrangements, the stage, or the microphone stand, some places need special light-related attention.

Reflect upon the crucial parts of your event during the planning phase. Taking this into account will prevent miscalculations, mishaps, and mix-ups on the day itself.

4. Pay Attention to Color

Never assume that all colors are made equal.

They aren’t! For novice event planners, this can come as an unexpected surprise.

Color has profound effects on the mood of event attendees.

It’s intrinsically tied to our emotions. Red, for instance, has connotations of anger, passion, heat, and danger. Likewise, bright white light can feel harsh and overwhelming; a soft glow is far more relaxing.

Getting the colors wrong can create the wrong impression at any event! Your guests can be walking around feeling blue, when you want them to be uplifted and inspired.

Reflect on the atmosphere you want to create. Keeping your overall theme in mind, set about using color to effectively implement the right vibe.

Here’s more information about the psychology of color.

5. Utilize LEDs

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) can be a great asset to your lighting endeavors.

Now, they’re more expensive to buy upfront.

However, they’re also far more energy-efficient than traditional bulbs, which saves you money in the long run.

Even better, the quality of light is better, and you can cultivate any color you need for an event. That’s all good news when flexibility and cost are of the essence.

RGBW (red, green, blue & white) LED strip can be used to accent coves or tight spaces to highlight those key locations.

Check out our optoLED range of LED strip for a variety of solutions for most needs.

6. Leverage Visual Effects

Event lighting should never be dull (in all senses of the word!).

Creativity will be king when lighting the space. Think outside the box and incorporate effects to really make your event shine.

Gobos are one particular means of doing so. These pre-cut glass/metal patterns help you splash a space with novel moving shapes and colors. Dazzle your attendees with a dynamic lighting display that they won’t forget in a hurry.

Remember, the atmosphere is everything. The best events use lighting to manipulate peoples’ moods. Special lighting effects make that task far easier.

7. Incorporate Video

Technology has come a long way in recent years.

Lighting and video now combine to create some epic event effects. There are, of course, numerous ways to do this. However, the basic message is that incorporating dynamic video projections can work a treat!

You can create immersive experiences on blank walls and ceilings. Adjust video displays in real-time and take your guests into rainforests, oceans and outer space!

Video can be used to magical effect, and make your event stand out amongst others.

8. Experiment with Uplighting

Almost any event looks better with uplighting.

Think about incorporating it into yours.

This simple element supports everything from the atmosphere in the room, to the highlighting of particular areas. Bar areas, fabric draping, entranceways, water fountains, and other special features appear altogether transformed.

Uplights are a dynamic and aesthetically appealing addition. Even better, there’s a decorative effect that mitigates the cost of alternative beautifications! Your room looks amazing for a fraction of the cost.

Time to Make Your Event Lighting Shine

It’s hard to estimate the exact number of events happening annually around the world.

However, it’s fair to assume it’s a huge amount! Thousands of events are thrown in every industry and for every occasion each day.

A lot goes into holding a quality one. However, rest assured that the event lighting is a key component to success. Master the lighting and everything else is sure to run more smoothly!

Hopefully, the information in this post will help you make your forthcoming events shine that bit brighter.

Are you looking for professional support with this process? We can help. Contact us today to discuss your project with us.

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